Tom started piano lessons when he was six years old. He made drums his primary instrument in jr. high so that he could join the high school marching band with his friends. His first paid gig came at 16 years old, playing the drum solo from “Sing, Sing, Sing” for a locally produced cable TV commercial.

Some of his personal highlights include playing for the State Honors Symphony under the direction of Henry Mancini, playing pop and dance music at the North Pole, dancing as Fred Astaire in the Super Bowl XXI Half-Time Show, and playing the Saddleback Town Hall Forum featuring Senators Barack Obama and John McCain for worldwide, multi-network broadcast.

As a father of four, Tom considers himself blessed to be able to stay close to home for the past 21 years. A large amount of his work is with Tony Guerrero for worship music, live jazz, and various sessions. He also plays with jazz artists Dean Grech, Greg Vail and Jay Gore. He played at Saddleback Church for 14 years, primarily in the Praise Gospel venue, but also for many recording sessions, live events, and broadcasts.

Tom also plays and records with Tom Brooks of Hosanna Music, David Pack of Ambrosia, and does some travel dates with John Tesh. Lastly, he works as a clinician for Yamaha Worship Resources.

Tom’s Current Projects include